The prompt playground, management and optimizer are closely related. The playground is a tool for testing new prompts variants and run evals using datasets by hand. The optimizer uses LLMs to automatically optimize the prompts. Often, after you’re done optimizing, you’ll want to store the best performing prompt in our prompt management.

  1. Experimentation: The prompt playground is an easy way to experiment with new prompts.
  2. One-Click Save: Save results as a versioned and managed prompt in one-click.
  3. Native Evals Support: We support evals natively, so you can select a dataset & run evals. This makes sure the prompt changes you make are actually improving overall system performance.
  4. Function calling: Native support for function calling.

We’re going to merge the playground with Prompt Optimizer to help you optimize your prompts in a more unified way.

How it works

You can store, manage and access your prompts here.